Marina Zarth

Hi, I am Marina!

I strongly believe that we can change our lives through self-awareness.

As a Psychologist, Therapist and Career Counsellor I can help you in this journey towards a life that's more genuine and aligned with yourself.

Marina Zarth

About me

I am a Brazilian Psychologist, living in the Netherlands since 2019.

I work as a Psychologist, Therapist and Career Counsellor. I focus on working with expats and immigrants living all over the world.

I've combined my continuous learnings in the field of Psychology, with more than 10 years of organisational experience, with my personal experience as an expat, to be here working as a Psychologist.

I hope to help you in this self-awareness journey!

Frequently asked questions

What's your educational background?

I obtained my Bachelor's degree (BA) in Psychology at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) in 2016. My diploma was officially validated in the Netherlands by Nuffic.

I am trained as a Schema Therapist through the Dutch Institute for Schema Therapy. I am also a member of the ISST (International Society for Schema Therapy).

I take formal courses in Psychology, and I continuously study new and evidence-based topics in the field. I participate in study groups, I have regular supervision sessions with colleagues and I constantly deepen my knowledge in areas that are relevant to my clients.

"Marina, I noticed that your career hasn't always been in the clinical field. Why should I choose you as my psychologist?"

Exactly because my career has not followed a linear path, I believe that I can help you with a broad and comprehensive perspective on your story and who you are as a person.

I strongly believe that all the experiences we have had, both professionally and personally, make us who we are. And that applies to me as well!

Today, my focus is 100% as a Psychologist, which means that all my studies and development are directed towards it.

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